Book Review: Ready to Run (I Do, I Don’t #1) by Lauren Layne

Another fun, entertaining, sassy read from the Queen of Sass and Flirty, Lauren Layne. Ready to Run was such a quintessential LL book. Fun, flirty, romantic with all the feels.

Jordan was a great character. And I’m not surprised about it, because I pretty much love all of Lauren’s heroines. Jordan Carpenter was no exception. She is a confident woman, a go-getter. An ambitious woman, but not someone who would step on other people’s backs to rise higher in her life and career. She knows what she wants, and gets it. She just made a trip to Lucky Hollow to get the reclusive Luke Elliot for her channel’s show, Jilted.

Another plus for LL, I love the concept of Jilted. I’ve seen my share of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, but coming up with a show with runaway grooms was smart, even if it’s just fictional.

Luke Elliot is a fire fighter and three-time runaway groom. He has earned his reputation in his town, which is the reason why CBS wants him to star in their show. He is pretty adamant about not being a part of Jilted, no matter the amount they throw in his face.

Luke and Jordan get off on the wrong foot. And it makes for the perfect romance. Because sparks fly, there’s heat and combustible chemistry. I hate the way Luke makes assumptions about Jordan. Even Jordan makes some assumptions about Luke which are wrong, which we as readers do too, because like Jordan we also don’t know the whole story.

I loved how the townspeople of Lucky Hollow embraced Jordan. They took her in and treated her like family. She was not an outsider to them, which reinforced Jordan’s attachment towards the town and it’s people.

There is a story in Jordan’s past, as well as Luke’s. Both tragic in their own ways. But neither of the characters are crying about the bad things that happened to them, which makes me a very happy reader. While both Jordan and Luke are aware that something is holding them back, it doesn’t affect their day-to-day lives.

The supporting characters were some of the fun characters in this book. From Jordan’s best friend Simon, to Luke’s ex’s Hailey and Stacey, to his best friend Ryan and even Charlie, the whole gang was a riot. They are supportive, meddlesome, affectionate and loving and just like most of the nicer small town people I’ve read of or seen on TV.

As is the case with many romance novels, I did feel that Luke should have groveled a bit more before Jordan forgave him. This was one of the easiest apologies and forgiveness scene I’ve read recently. While I love the happy ending, I love it even more when the characters work for it. And I think after all the sh*t Luke spews, Jordan deserves a better apology.

As previously stated, Ready to Run is an entertaining read. This is the kind of book I can read over and over and not get bored.