ARC Review: Walk of Shame by Lauren Layne

 I received a copy of this book from Loveswept in exchange for an honest review.

Let me start of by saying, look at that cover.. It’s so fun and flirty and sets the tone of the book so well. There’s just something about this cover that screams LL and also portrays her characters quite well. The fun and frolicking, full of life and beautiful Georgianna and the determined, sometimes smiling, workaholic Andrew.

Even before starting this book, I knew it would be fun. What I did not know was that LL might hit an emotional and vulnerable spot. While the overall feel of the book is indeed fun and flirty, and full of life, there are little things here and there that might make you a little sad and make you think. While on the surface the book may come across a bit of a  fluffy romance, it really isn’t. You just have to read a bit in between the lines.

Georgianna Watkins is an heiress and a party girl. An image she cultivates quite seriously. She is also full of life and love and an innate human goodness that is lacking in us these days. Be it bringing donuts to the guards of her building or helping out a friend in need, she truly has the meaning of humanity down pat. She is also a bit lonely and feels unchallenged in her way of life. Her only highlight of her day is when she walks in at 5.00 a.m in the morning and comes across her uptight, workaholic, albeit hot neighbor Andrew Mulroney.

Andrew Mulroney is a high-profile divorce attorney who lives by a rigid set of rules. He also thinks “Your body is your temple” and no garbage like a donut should enter this temple. He comes across as a bit of an authoritarian, but is a big softie inside. He is more practical than emotional, and the complete opposite of Georgianna. He does appear to be a bit stiff and uptight, but he loosens up once he starts hanging out with Georgie.

Walk of Shame was a total opposites attract story, so full of fun and flirtatious banter. I thought Geogianna was a misunderstood character. Nobody really realized what she is really like. Everyone could see the rich party girl, but no one really saw the lonely woman trying to find some love and happiness in her life. Andrew made we wanna throat-punch him a couple of times, but he is a quick learner and apologized when he was wrong. I also felt a little bad for him, because the poor guy is so clueless. He means to say one thing, but something else comes out of his mouth, which land him in trouble. I think bout Georgianna and Andrew were perfectly ridiculous and they were best that way.

A shout-out to Marley, Georgie’s best friend. She was awesome, what a best friend should be like. She knew how to handle Georgie like a pro when she was upset or let down. Everyone wants a friend like Marley who would just drop everything and come to your place with a grand pizza and lots of cheese to make you feel goo.. because cheese. 😉

Overall a wonderful book, written in true LL style. You can pick up this book on a day you might be feeling really low, and it’ll bring a smile to your face.