ARC Review: Size Matters (A Perfect Fit #1) by Alison Bliss

size-matters I received a copy of this book for an honest review.

Size Matters is a true Alison Bliss book. It’s hot and it’s funny and it has ahem ahem.. a kinda shitty but still nice hero. But best of all it has a little flawed, but amazing heroine. There are not enough books with a plus size heroine, or rather I haven’t found them. So this book was different from the normal ones out there with slim and trim, hot and sexy heroines. This book was especially relatable to me, because I too am a plus size woman, and in some way or the other, this book helped me realize that plus size heroines are beautiful and hot and sexy too. It’s the inner confidence that matters, it’s you beautiful heart that reflects into your outer beauty. And more than anything, screw everyone who thinks you are not beautiful.

Leah Martin has spent her entire life trying to restrain herself and avoid temptation. Due to her bigger than socially acceptable size, she is told to stay away from sweets and “fattening food” and to embrace low-calorie, low-fat snacks by her hyper-critical mom. Thankfully her ever so popular and successful bakery keeps her mind of things. When on a night out with her best-friend Valerie, she meets the delectable Sam Cooper; a handsome and hot man, one who spews bullshit. Leah never expects to be engaged to the man by the next day. Except it’s a big fat lie said by Sam to keep Leah’s mom at bay.

Sam has a habit of speaking before he thinks. That’s how he ends up fake engaged to the decadent Leah Martin. All he wanted to do was prove to Leah’s judgmental mother that she is date-able.  Now he has a fiancee, and one who isn’t happy about it either. Now all they have to do is make Sam into a loathsome character, so that Leah’s parents call off the engagement themselves.

I loved Leah. She was an amazing woman, but unfortunately she did not see that. I don’t usually like insecure, self-critical, self-deprecating female heroines, but I could relate to Leah. This is probably one book where I have seen a lot of myself in the heroine. Her troubles with how she looks was so ordinary and everyday, I’m sure many more people will relate with it. I really disliked Leah’s mom though. She is what a mother shouldn’t be. She was always criticizing Leah and her weight and her looks, in such a degrading manner and it hurt all the more. The woman could not see the big-hearted, amazing daughter that she had, she was just stuck on her looks.

While I love a good alpha hero, Sam was someone I did not appreciate a lot. There were undoubtedly some good points about him. He was generally a really good guy and his banter with Leah was awesome. They cracked me up. But when he spoke without thinking quite a few times, they were all hurtful statements and all pointed at Leah. These things just made things worse for Leah and I hated Sam for it. Even at the end of the book, I wish Leah hadn’t forgiven Sam so easily. He needed to grovel some more. But all in all, the chemistry between Leah and Sam was sizzling and their banter was hilarious.

A special mention to Leah’s best friend Valerie. She was freaking awesome. And together Leah and Valerie were a total fun house. Their chemistry was brilliant and they are what friends should be like. Valerie so damn funny and I can’t wait to read her story in the next book in the series.

Overall the book was really well written and had complex characters. All the characters had various layers to them and you had to peel them away to see the real person beneath, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Size Matters was funny and cute and romantic, and a must read for all the romance fans.

3.5 stars