Quirky Blind Date With A Book: My Experience


This month I decided to do something new with regarding to reading books. I participated in the Blind Date With A Book hosted by Quirky Bibliophile.This was such a fun change from the usual reading that one does. I basically had to fill out a form where I had the option of choosing between 3-4 story lines. The name of the book and the author is not disclosed. This is a good way to read a new book, because due to the anonymity of both the author and the book, you can’t get influenced by reviews.

I am the kind of person who reads reviews before starting a book. I need to know if there are things in the book that I would not like. Mainly I read reviews to make sure there is no cheating or a love triangle. But sometimes, you might just find out that the hero was a grade A a-hole or that the heroine is a pushover and you might decide not to give the book a chance. But through Blind Date, whether you like the book or not, you are guaranteed to give the book a chance, and I think that is what makes a difference to all the authors out there. That readers gave them and their stories a chance.

I applaud the team at Quirky Bibliophile for coming up with this concept of connecting new readers to new authors. This gives the authors some publicity, they get to expand their reader base and the readers find new authors. I had a great time with this Blind Date. I got to read an author who was completely unknown to me. I got to read Destiny Rocked by Kacey Hamford. Had it not been for Blind Date With A Book, I might not have known about this book, or have picked it up to read. Thanks to it I found a new author I wish to read more of.

Blind Date With A Book is a good way to try out new books. You might luck out and find an author you LOVE, or you might be disappointed with the author you get. But, you will get a chance to try someone new. And isn’t that the fun of reading? New books, new authors and new world!