ARC Review: Worked Up (Made in Jersey #3) by Tessa Bailey

worked up I got a copy of this from Entangled Publishing in exchange of an honest review. 

Worked Up is the first book that I’ve read in the Made in Jersey series. The main reason being the hullabaloo and love garnered by the Pouty Man Beard a.k.a the PMB by the Bailey’s Babes. And oh my God!! It was a really, really good decision. Duke Crawford is the man. He is hot as hell, sexy as sin and sweet to boot. The elusive perfect guy you were looking for? Yep, that’s Duke Crawford and he is a PMB.

Samantha Waverly is in a bind. She has dreams and aspirations. Those dreams can only be fulfilled with the help of her brother Renner. The only catch, she is to marry. Being a commitment-phobe, marrying is not something she wants to do. Neither does she like breaking promises and commitments. So, you see why she is in a bind? Samantha as a character was pretty great. She is a dichotomy. She is strong yet vulnerable, forward yet reserved. The best thing that I loved about her though, is her ability to make puns and jokes. It was just adorable.

Being a children’s book illustrator, Samantha sees the world through a different eye. She wants to take art to all the kids worldwide and help them achieve their dreams through art. I absolutely loved the concept that Samantha has. That’s the other thing about this book. Apart from the story and the characters, the idea that Samantha had to start her own thing, was brilliant. I don’t know if anything like it exists, but I wish it would. I honestly think, what Samantha was trying to do, if actualized will help kids a lot. Kudos to Queen Tessa was such a brilliant idea.

Duke Crawford is a factory mechanic living with his four divorced sisters. I was a,little surprised with this tiny tidbit. Four sisters, all of them divorced, they really were unlucky in love. I hope they find their HEAs. Now, back to the point. Duke just wants a bottle of beer and to watch SportsCenter in peace. Living with four rowdy sisters, it is not possible. But he won’t give up hope. When he walks into the local bar, he is not looking for a woman, but he still finds Samantha. She tugs at her heartstrings in a way no woman ever has.

I loved Sam and Duke’s first meeting. The best part was the different roles in which Sam picturized Duke. They were so detailed and well written. Each moment she is with Duke, Sam learns a new role to assign him. By the end of the book seeing Duke thorough Sam’s eyes is a pleasure for the readers. It specially worked for me, because I always like to picturize a book in my head and Tessa with her descriptions made it so much easier for me.

When two commitment-phobes come together, both of them attractive and hot, sparks are bound to fly. Add interfering sisters and best friends into the mix, it gonna go boom. And that’s exactly what happens. Duke and Sam come together and explode, like the fireworks on the fourth of July. It’s beautiful to watch.

Duke really understands Sam and vice-versa. They work so well together. Their chemistry is unbelievable and moreover they make each other better. Worked Up is a case of insta-love, but I did not mind that so much.

As for secondary characters, I had a love-hate relationship with Renner. I loved the fact that he stood by  Samantha throughout her life, but I also hated how he treated Sam and Duke. It was unacceptable. Though he does come back to his senses, I still wish Milo gives him hell.

Overall the book was really good. Tessa Bailey knows how to write and she knows how to write scenes so hot you’ll catch on fire. Worked Up was no different. If you are looking for a book full of feels, a quirky and sassy heroine, a humble giant, teddy bear of a hero and some really hot horizontal tango, then you have reached your destination. Look no further Worked Up is what you are looking for.

4.5 stars