Book Review: Seized (The Pipe Woman Chronicles #1) by Lynne Cantwell

seized It’s been two years since I read this book, but it’s still fresh on my mind. A well fleshed out, interestingly written book that will intrigue you and suck you in.

Seized by Lynne Cantwell is very different from your usual paranormal books. You don’t have a bad-ass heroine who loves to fight, but that does not make Naomi Witherspoon any less kick-ass. She is also a lot older than your usual heroines.

Naomi Witherspoon is a 35-year-old, working as a mediator in a law firm, rather than as a litigator. Unlike her fiance and the rest of her classmates, Naomi works in a law firm to help people rather than to make money. But if by working in a top class law firm helps her buy a condo, then that’s just a bonus right? But why does it feel like working for a firm that supports soulless corporations means compromising herself?

All these questions are answered through the course of the book. She is a skilled mediator, she has an almost uncanny knack for getting people on both sides of a dispute to agree. But lately it seems that whatever she says people have to do it. Is that the reason her boyfriend Brock proposed?

Naomi realises that there is something going on with her. But what? She finds the answers when she goes to a sweat lodge with her best friend Shannon. There she meets Joseph Curtis and his grandfather Looks Far Guzmin, who helps her find out the truth. The stories Looks Far tells his audience reminds me of Patricia Briggs’ River Marked.

Looks Far’s home is in danger and Naomi mediates the case between him and Leo Durant who is being represented by her former fiance Brock and her old firm. What she doesn’t realise in the beginning is that the God’s have a hand in this whole fiasco. Now she needs to mediate the case between the White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman, who amped her powers of persuasion and the Norse Trickster god Loki.

Ms. Cantwell dishes out Native Indian culture on a platter to us. Seized is a good combination of fantasy, religion and moral human philosophy. It is well written with great characters. Ms. Cantwell manages to suck you into the story from the beginning and traps you in it till the end. Even after the story finishes you can’t help but pick up the next book.

4 stars

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