A Penny For Your Thoughts #1: Fifty Shades Trilogy

a penny for my thoughts

A Penny for Your Thoughts is my new feature where I’ll bullet point my thoughts of a book. With my life being so busy these days, I don’t have much time to devote to my blog. As a result of which I am unable to write full-fledged reviews no matter how much I wish to. In this feature, I’ll just bullet point my likes and dislikes of a book rather than giving a critical review.

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The Fifty Shades Trilogy has been in rage for the past few years. I decided to jump the bandwagon and find out what Fifty Shades was all about around two years ago. Well…. I don’t really regret reading the series. Say what you may, but this series sure is addictive. It does grasp you and clutches into you tightly. Though the furor had died down in the past year or so, the release of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie brought it back with a bang. Once again Fifty Shades is everywhere.

This time around I’m doing my review a bit differently. Usually I would write-up a looong post about these three books and point out what I felt about it individually. But it’s been over two years since I read these book, so I am just going put my review into bullet points. Easy peasy right?

What I liked about the Fifty Shades Trilogy?

  • Christian Grey is hot. Speaking strictly in the physical sense of the word and nothing else. I mean he is a 20 something year old business tycoon who is tall, lean yet muscular, and broad-shouldered, with dark copper-colored hair and intense, bright gray eyes.
  • The music. The author included a lot of songs in the book. I enjoyed those selection of songs more than anything else. I even read the series a second time around just to make a note of the songs.
  • Christian as a submissive. This scene was somewhere in the middle of Fifty Shades Darker and it was a very powerful scene and then it fizzled out.
  • Ohh yeah there was this scene at the end of Fifty Shades Darker where Ana throws her drink to Elena a.k.a Mrs. Robinson’s face. That made the petty bitch in me really happy. I always wanted to do that. Hmm… Maybe someday soon the day will come when I can throw a dirty martini to someone’s face.
  • I can’t think of anything else. Hunh!! How about that?

What I did not like about the Fifty Shades Trilogy?

  • Lets start with the main thing shall we? The writing. The Fifty Shades Trilogy is nothing but a poorly written piece of work. The editing is bad, the characters are bad and well the story is just horrible.
  • Anastasia Steele is a whiny sissy. She does not know her own mind. I liked her when she said no and walked away from Christian, but all it took was a chopper ride and a kiss to jump back into bed with him. Yeah! Let’s not talk about her any more. I am tempted to call names. That’s bad isn’t it? You are not supposed to do that in reviews. *deep breaths*
  • Christian Grey. My hero. The love of my life. Yeah right, no. That’s not happening. Nuhuhh!! Nope. Sorry. I know you are hot Mr. Grey and you are rich, but lets just face it. You are a dick. There I said it. Happy now? This man has issues. Like serious issues. And I’m not talking about the BDSM. That’s not the problem at all. Christian Grey is a stalker. And an overtly dominating, controlling jerk. I mean who tracks the cell phone of the woman who interviewed you? Seriously dude!! You need to get checked out.
  • The sex scene at Christian’s hotel room when Ana is visiting her mother. That shouldn’t have happened. Nope. Not at all.
  • The pregnancy. At the end of the first book Ana got tired of the all the spanking and flogging and no-touching rule and walked away from Grey. Then Grey almost died and proposed marriage to Ana after knowing her for ONE MONTH. And they were even broken up for a WHOLE WEEK during that month. All this by the end of the second book. Of course there had to be an accidental pregnancy now. How else will the story move forward? The pregnancy was just not needed. There was enough drama with Ana’s ex-boss and the mystery surrounding Christian’s almost death.
  • What does Christian do when he finds out Ana accidentally got pregnant? He accuses her of getting pregnant deliberately and then runs off to share a drink with his ex. An ex, mind you, one his wife did not like at all. That’s what any sane guy would do right? I think I’m in a different universe. From where I come from the definition of sane is completely different.
  • Elena Lincoln a.k.a Mrs. Robinson. Any woman who seduces a 15-year-old boy is a bitch in my book. And any woman who introduces a 15-year-old boy to a hard-core life-like that of BDSM is a bitch beyond words.
  • Well I’m sure I can think of more things that I did not like in this series but my brain is fried.

I’ve seen quite a few people who have watched the movie, commented on Facebook that Fifty Shades condones domestic violence. I haven’t seen the movie, but that IS NOT true about the book. Many people would feel uncomfortable reading this book I am sure, but that doesn’t mean that the book promotes violence. BDSM is a completely different lifestyle. It is a way of life for some people. And if a woman gives her consensual agreement then what the hell is anyone else’s problem.

Well as the saying goes, “You may love it, you may hate it. But you just can’t ignore it.” That holds true for Fifty Shades too. I did not like the series, but it sure had my complete attention.

2.5 stars

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