Book Review: Blood Beyond Darkness (Darkness #4) by Stacey Marie Brown

blood beyond darkness Stacey Marie Brown does it again. Blood Beyond Darkness is another amazing addition to the fantabulous series that is Darkness. Like the rest of the series, Blood Beyond Darkness is gripping, gritty and keeps you on your toes. So many secrets come to light and Ember’s life takes a 360 degree. But through it all she perseveres and fights till the end.Ember and Eli have been captured by the Seelie Queen. Aneira will stop at nothing to destroy Ember and to make the worlds one. The only weapon that can kill Aneira is in her own hands and Ember has made a deal with the devil to save the man she loves. Secrets about her past and her identity come to light, destroying her belief in everyone she loved.

Ember needs to get out of the self-pity hole she has immersed herself and come out and fight. The fight is more dangerous and more gritty than ever before and the losses will be a lot more. I loved the way Ember handled herself after all the lies and betrayals come out. Sure she did wallow in self-pity, but then she came back with a bang too.

I fell in love with Eli all over again in this book. We see for just a microsecond a sweeter, softer side of him, then he is his own sarcastic, bad boy self. I particularly love the scene where he won’t let Ember go before listening to him. He wanted to talk to her and he made sure she would listen. That man is just delicious. All that temptation wrapped in a bow was just hard to resist, not just for Ember, but for me too.

What I did not like about this book was Kennedy. In the earlier books I loved her, but not in this book. She grew more confidant, more strong. She could stand up for herself and fight her own battles. But in this quest to find herself and transformation she hurt the guy who loved her the most, Jared. Which despite all her good qualities was unacceptable to me.

This book was full of action and strategies. It made me laugh and cry and then laugh some more. Every death in this book hit harder than the first one. And so many good guys are lost. But Ember has to make the ultimate sacrifice. She must choose between the man she loves and the thousands of people on this Earth.

Stacey Marie Brown never disappoints and she did a tremendous job with this book too. The ultimate finale to the well-loved series, Blood Beyond Darkness is heart-wrenching and will make you hold tighter to your book/kindle. You’ll never want it to end. Kudos to Stacey Marie Brown for weaving her web of magic once again so artfully and masterfully.

4 stars