Book Review: Fire in the Darkness (Darkness #2) by Stacey Marie Brown

fire in the darknessFire in the Darkness starts four weeks after the Electrical Storm of Seattle caused by Ember. She is on the run trying to save herself from the Seelie Queen and a certain Dark Dweller. It is only when Eli Dragen rescues her from the Dark Fae, that she realises she was in more trouble than she thought. But it is not exactly good news that you have been rescued by a whole different kind of trouble. Ember is not just wary of Eli because of his betrayal but also because of her undeniable attraction to him.

This book kicks romance, magic and history up a notch. Despite trying to stay away from each other, Eli and Ember are drawn to each other like moths to a flame. We find a lot more about the Otherworld and Ember’s magic and powers in this book. Ember is also on the look out for Lars, the man whom Torin told her to find. But she reaches his doorsteps unconscious after trying to outrun her enemies. Lars teaches her about her history and trains her in using her uncontrollable powers.

A lot more secrets come out and we find out a lot more are still hidden. Some unexpected twists and turns leave us open-mouthed. Like the first book, Fire in the Darkness also ends with the readers wanting to jump into the third book.

4 stars