Book Review: Pretending by Shanna Clayton

pretending Pretending was a very good and well written novel. I liked the characters, the story and the mystery. The book had a somewhat somber and solemn feel to it. That is not to say that the book wasn’t enjoyable. ‘Cause it really was.

For the past three years Dahlia Reynolds has been living in the same house as Wesley Kent as strangers. They don’t know anything about each other, other than the fact that the other person exists. They have made it a point to go out-of-the-way to stay clear of each other.

Wesley Kent has to share his house with Dahlia for four years in order to get his share of inheritance. Both he and Dahlia are required to go to school and complete their education, and stay together. If they break any of these rules, they won’t get their share.Wesley lives the life of a wild child. Parties and women are his daily dose of medicine. But his love lies in archaeology. There is a good guy hidden behind the cool facade of his.

After three years of pretending that the other person doesn’t exist, a case of mistaken identity throws them into each others paths and their lives. The quite and shy Dahlia suddenly finds herself in the midst of Wesley Kent’s world.

After three years of being virtually non-existent to each other, Wesley does not have a hard time putting forth a hand of friendship, and maybe even something more. Dahlia on the other hand is bit reserved and takes a while to warm around to him. They grow out of their shells with each other and maybe even for each other.

The mystery aspect of the book was, well, mysterious. I never suspected anything. The characters were well-developed and all of them were enjoyable. I like Gwen, one of Dahlia’s best friends very much initially. She was fun and outspoken and didn’t mince her words. But her one-act made me dislike her. Mainly because I hate what she did and can’t understand the reason behind her actions.

There were quite a few secrets which were revealed which were pretty shocking. Especially the real culprit behind the threats to Wesley. Dahlia’s secret was not quite shocking. I figured it out way before Wesley did anyway.

The one thing I did not like about Wesley, despite saying he trusted her, he did not trust Dahlia. It only took one girl and her misunderstanding of a situation to make Wesley question Dahlia. But I forgave him for that, because he really is a sweetheart otherwise. He was caring and affectionate, naughty, fun and adventurous. I especially liked the ending of the book. It was so sweet and romantic.

I really enjoyed the archaeological part of the book. The constant references to Wesley’s father and brother, his achievements, Dahlia’s dreams related to archaeology. Their trip to Egypt was quite enjoyable too. even they were practically being kidnapped and blackmailed. This whole aspect of the book was quite fun and intriguing. I loved what Dahlia did for Wesley’s brother. It was very sweet and considerate of her.

Over all Pretending was a very well written and well thought out book. Really enjoyable and emotional when needed. A definite recommend.

3.5 stars