Book Review: Castle Hill (On Dublin Street #2.5) by Samantha Young

castle hill Castle Hill is a Joss and Braden novella; both fun and emotional. It was good to meet them again and read a book from their perspective.

In Castle Hill, we finally get a thorough look into Joss and Braden’s relationship after they get together. The much awaited proposal is finally described in the book and their beautiful wedding; not to mention the sexy Hawaiian honeymoon.

But there ensues some trouble in paradise. A news that should have made the happy couple ecstatic, ends up creating a big misunderstanding between the two and a rift in their relationship.When Braden finds Joss at Castle Hill, near the cannon, he misunderstands the reason she ended up there. Even though Joss tries to talk to him and make him understand, he doesn’t listen and shuts her off.

This time the fault lay with Braden. He just assumes something and completely refuses to listen to Joss. Not just Braden, following his suit, Ellie misunderstands Joss too, which in turn hurts her a lot.

I felt really bad for Joss, because, despite everything Joss did to change herself and open herself up, despite trying her best to talk about her feelings and emotions, everyone just assumes that she went back to her old ways. Everyone just assumed what she wanted, instead of asking her what she was feeling or what she actually wanted.

I really wanted to hurt both Ellie and Braden. They have known Joss for two years, they have seen what all she has done to change herself and still they just surmised what she was feeling.

The whole fiasco with the misunderstanding between Joss and Braden was highly emotional and it even made me tear up a little. But I’m glad they made up, though I think Joss let Braden off the hook a little too easily. She should have made him suffer a bit.

This book was the perfect mélange of fun, entertaining and emotional. I loved this book and would recommend it to everyone.

4.5 stars