Book Review: Down London Road (On Dublin Street #2) by Samantha Young

down london road Down London Road was another great addition to the On Dublin Street series. Like the first book, I loved this too. Though I loved Joss and Braden a teeny bit more than Jo and Cameron.

We met Jo in On Dublin Street , where she worked with Joss at Club 39. In the first book, we found out that Jo only dated rich men, who could provide for her and take care of her. In Down London Road we finally find out why Johanna is the way she is.

Jo is working two jobs to feed her family, i.e her brother Cole and her alcoholic mother. Her life revolves around Cole and everything she does, she does for him. She is determined to save her bother from the kind of childhood she had to endure. She loves Cole and is willing to lay her life down for him.

Cameron MacCabe is a graphic designer who has just been laid off. He finds a bartending gig at Club 39. There is an instant attraction between Jo and Cam, and he is quick to judge Jo as a gold-digging bimbo. But she does not hesitate to set him straight.

There is a lot of judging on Cam’s side, and when he does realize the truth about Jo, he is also the first one to tell her how strong and brave a person she is. Jo finally finds a friend in Cam and something more.

Despite Jo’s insecurities, and despite the fact that both Jo and Cam were dating other people, they ditch their partners and decide to give each other a chance. They do make a good pair and a hot one at that. They understand each other well enough, and are good friends. And the fact that Cam loves Cole and vice-versa, is just another check in the plus column for him.

There is a lot of heat between them, and a familial bonding between Jo, Cam and Cole. Cam is very accepting of her, irrespective of her family conditions and insecurities. But he can also be quite dense sometimes. Like the fact he stood in the middle of the road exchanging numbers with his ex-girlfriend, while Jo was clearly uncomfortable with it. I really wanted to kick him in his behind.

But, despite all their shortcomings and insecurities, Jo and Cam find a mid-way. They figure out their feelings for each other and become stronger than ever.

I especially liked the relationship between Cole and Jo. They have a very ‘You and I against the world’ stance. They are both protective of each other and willing to make the other person happy. Jo is more of a mother to Cole, than his sister. Also, despite her mother being a bitch, she does not stop taking care of her. Jo is a strong heroine, one who deserves to be happy and luckily for her Cam is just the guy.

We also see quite a bit of Joss and Braden and even Ellie and Adam. Her friendship with Joss is also commendable, especially on Joss’s part. We see a growth in Joss’s character. She is still her quirky, sarcastic self, but with a strong sense of loyalty and a better understanding of relationships.

All in all a very good book. Recommended to everyone.

4 stars