Book Review: Until Fountain Bridge (On Dublin Street #1.5) by Samantha Young

until fountain bridge Until Fountain Bridge is a novella that takes place before and within On Dublin Street .

Ellie has moved in with Adam, as we have found out from On Dublin Street . They have been living together for the past three months. This book is a trip down memory lane through Ellie’s journals from when she was 14 and had an intense crush on Adam, to the day Adam declared his love for Ellie to Braden.

Until Fountain Bridge was a short and fun read. It was interesting to see different stages of their relationship. To see how Adam changed from being an over-bearing brother figure to a jealous man who wants Ellie for himself, but his loyalty to Braden stops him from pursuing Ellie.

A night of lip-brush, another night of drunken make-out threaten to spoil the life long friendship of Ellie and Adam. Ellie loves Adam and wants him to see her as the woman she is, rather than as Braden’s wee sister. Adam has feelings for Ellie, but she is the little sister of his best friend and the only family that matters. Ellie is willing to risk it all for Adam. Adam is not.

Through Ellie’s journals we find out how much, Adam’s rejection time and time again, hurt Ellie. But when time and circumstances kick him in the arse, Adam realises, life is too short to spend regretting. He is going to make Ellie his, not matter what.

Adam was a major a-hole throughout the book. He was constantly giving out mixed signals to Ellie. He could never make up his mind. One moment he was burning hot and then the next he was ice-cold. He could never gather up the courage to fight for the woman he loved. He only fought for her when he realised that it could be life or death.

Ellie was a bubbly, perky, romantic and strong woman. Despite what life meted out to her, despite the guys she dated hurting her, she never turned cynical. That takes a different kind of courage, to not let life’s adversities affect you. Even though Adam’s rejection hurt her, she never stopped being his friend. She continued to be the lovely, humble, optimistic woman that she was.

I think Adam got off easy with Ellie. Despite all his faults, and there were many, Ellie forgave him easily and just accepted him. No drama. Well, in my opinion, Adam deserved a major kick in the arse. Despite Adam’s faults, I really enjoyed the book. It was a fun read and one that I’d love to read again.

4 stars