Book Review: Merry Christmas, Henry by Aubrey Wynne

Merry Christmas, HenryI know, I know. Christmas was last week, but I loved this book so much that I wanted to share the review!

Merry Christmas, Henry was a beautiful and captivating story of a man who finally found magic in life.

Henry is a shy and reserved guy who though lonely is quite content with his life. He works the night shifts at a museum, a job he clearly loves. When he is not working he is painting and creating new worlds. Having come from a not too great family, especially since his mother was always undermining his wishes and overlooking him, art becomes his escape. At at the age of ten he wanders into a gallery and becomes enchanted with the paintings. Since then art has been his pride and joy.

As a young man he came across a feisty young woman who quickly falls for his art and takes him to Chicago and henceforth, his life changes completely. Melody is not just his best friend but along with her daughter and Henry’s Aunt Lucy, his only family. It surprises me how beautifully Aubrey Wynne managed to capture the essence of Henry’s relationship with his Aunt, Melody and Katie, Melody’s daughter.

Since he started working as a guard in the museum, the museum was gifted two paintings. One a beauty and another painting, not too striking of a woman. Henry soon falls in love with the painting and becomes obsessed over time.

Merry Christmas, Henry is a beautifully written story that tugs on your heart-strings and makes you believe in magic. Christmas is indeed a magical time, and Henry finds himself with the best Christmas present he could ever hope for. Merry Christmas, Henry chronicles the journey of a lonely man who finds a place for himself in the harsh world and in the end, ends up with true love.

Merry Christmas, Henry is quite vivid in it’s imagery and has a soul to it that many seasoned writers can’t capture. The exuberance of the story and it’s characters leave you with a smile on your face and leaves you wanting more. A spellbinding story that makes you believe in magic and the beauty of human nature.

5 stars